Ahafo: Charles Asiedu Takes Swift Action After Tagic Loss in Brosankro Old Town

In the wake of a devastating loss that claimed the lives of a pregnant woman and her unborn child, Brosankro Old Town finds renewed hope as NDC Parliamentary Candidate, Charles Asiedu takes steps to address the community’s dire healthcare needs.

Community Engagement and Promise

During a recent community engagement session, residents of Brosankro Old Town in Tano South Municipal District, Ahafo Region voiced their urgent concerns over the absence of a healthcare facility in their vicinity. Promising swift action when elected as the Member of Parliament for Tano South Constituency, he made a commitment to prioritize the establishment of a clinic in the town.

Tragic Incident Sparks Action

Sadly, just five days after the engagement, the tragic news of a pregnant woman who lost her life and that of her unborn child while en route to a clinic in the neighboring town, emerged. This heartbreaking incident served as a catalyst for Asiedu’s decisive response.

Swift Response and Community Mobilization

Recognizing the critical need for immediate intervention, he wasted no time in mobilizing the community to adopt a Communal Labor Approach to build the much-needed clinic. To kickstart the project, he personally contributed a seed fund of Ghc10,000,including two trips of sand and 100 bags of cement.

Call to Action and Appeal for Support

In a heartfelt appeal to both Corporate entities and Tano South indigenes in the diaspora, he emphasized the importance of collective support for the project, stressing that it is a basic need for the entire community.

Leadership Beyond Electioneering

Reflecting on the broader implications of this project, He underscored the fundamental role of political leadership in prioritizing the pressing needs of the people all year-round. He emphasized that the welfare of the community should not be confined to petty items shared during electioneering period.

Call for Action to Incumbent MP

As the community rallies behind Charles Asiedu’s initiative, the Member of Parliament is missing in action. The spotlight now turns to the MP for Tano South, with fervent calls from his Constituents for immediate action by contributing to the pressing healthcare needs of Brosankro Old Town and sorrounding Communities.

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