Don’t Marry Who You Love-Medikal advice

Ghanaian rapper Medikal has advised the youth about marriage saying love alone is not enough to enter into marriage.

The rapper got married to Ghanaian actress Fella Makafui in 2020 but four years into the marriage, Medikal was a divorce rumor sparked with the couple admitting they are no longer together but rather co-parenting.

In an interview with Bola Ray on Star Chat, the rapper advised the youth who wish to marry that love alone is not enough.

“Before you get married, I don’t think love is enough, love is not enough for two people to marry. Marriage is a whole different ball game. If you love somebody, it doesn’t mean you should marry them. You people need counseling and families to talk to. Don’t just jump into marriage because you love someone else you might end up making a big mistake” He shared.



Full details of Medikal and Fella Makafui divorce saga

Ghanaian musician Frimpong and Ghanaian actress Fella Makafui, who married in the year 2020, have been having issues in their marriage for some time now.

The two lovebirds at the time showed love and affection for each other on social media. Their love was predicted by many to end in divorce, but they managed to keep the relationship going and even gave birth to their daughter.

Four years into the marriage, Medikal was seen on social media clearing a tattoo he did on his hand for the love he had for Fella Makafui. This sparked a divorce rumor on social media, but none of the two came out to talk about it.

Medikal, in an interview on 3Music with Jay Foley responding to the rumor saga, confirmed that he is no longer in a relationship with Fella Makafui. When asked the reason, the artist said, ‘We just don’t understand each other’.

At the time, Medikal was promoting his upcoming show that would go on in London O2, which made lots of people think it might be a strategy adopted to promote the show.

The artist again confirmed their divorce during a performance with his ex-girlfriend, Sister Derby, on stage during the concert.

Fella Makafui was at the same time promoting the premiere of her latest movie, ‘Resonance’, where part of the promotion went to Joy TV. When a question about their divorce was asked, she chose not to answer.

Medikal wrote on his X timeline that if anything happens to him, his followers should blame the people leaving in his way, except his daughter, Island.

After Medikal’s successful concert and Fella’s movie premiere, Medikal, in a video shared on social media, said Fella has reported him to the police to be investigated. According to him, his only offense is that he wanted Fella’s cousin out of their house.

Medikal started spilling the beans as he claimed his baby Mama Fella had gone under the knife to obtain her flat tummy and not as a result of her slim tea, even though he was not in support of it.

‘When we gave birth to our child, she told me it would be difficult to promote the business. I was against it because I wanted my things to be natural. I suggested that she could use influencers, but she did not agree, so she did not talk to me for over three months. Because of the love I had for this person, I said I would let you do it. She did the first one in Nigeria. I paid for it, and she went to Nigeria to do it, and when she was at it, she passed out, and I could not reach her. She did another one in Turkey because the first one was not successful. I spent dollars on her’

Medikal disclosed in a video post on social media that he has been co-parenting with Fella Makafui.

‘She has not been cooking in the house for the past two years. I buy food from outside’

He indicated that he has invested in the young lady who has decided to leave their marriage, regardless of the efforts he has put in to ensure that they can take good care of their daughter.

‘I don’t want my child to grow up without parents; that’s why I did all these things for her but you are doing all these because you want my house’

But a statement issued by the Fella Makafui brand indicated that she would rather resort to the law in handling issues with regard to her husband.




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