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Being Lazy is a sign of High Intelligence- New Study

Have you ever been redicled by your friends and families for being lazy? Well what they didn’t know is you might be the smarted among all.

A study published in the journal of Health Phycology suggests that people who are considered ‘lazy’ may actually be smarter and more successful.

Researchers found that those who are less physically active tend to have higher IQ. These individuals crave mental stimulation and tend to spend more time engaged in thought, rather than physical activities.

Findings from the research also suggest that those with a higher IQ got bored less easily and preferred to spend their time in thought.

So don’t be too hard on yourself, enjoy life.



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Manchester City apologizes to Sir Bobby Charlton’s family; vows to issue lifetime bans to fans

Sir Bobby Charlton’s family has received an apology from Manchester City after a video of their supporters shouting an offensive song about the 86-year-old Manchester United icon surfaced.

On Saturday, September 21, the United and England legend passed away, leaving the football community in sadness.

Meanwhile, City fans have come under fire after it was discovered that some of them sang offensive chants about him during the weekend’s 2-1 victory over Brighton.

A video of Manchester City fans screaming “Bobby’s in a box” at the Etihad Stadium is going viral on social media. The fans are wearing Manchester City attire.

Man City has expressed regret to Charlton’s family, asked for information on the shouts, and promised to issue banishment orders to any perpetrators.

Manchester City FC in a statement said ‘Manchester City FC are extremely disappointed to have learned of reports of offensive chanting from a small number of individuals about Sir Bobby Charlton in some of the concourses of the Etihad Stadium during half time of yesterday’s Premier League fixture against Brighton and Hove Albion.

‘The club condemns these chants in the strongest terms, and apologises unreservedly to the family and friends of Sir Bobby, and to all those at Manchester United.

‘On this day of all days, when the stadium stood to pay tribute to our own legend in Francis Lee, Manchester City supporters should understand and appreciate as keenly as anyone the need for respect in our game.

‘Our security team are studying CCTV footage of the concourse areas. We are thankful to those who have already come forward to report this matter, and we continue to appeal for any information that can help us identify the individuals involved, so that we can take the appropriate action to issue banning orders.

‘Fans who see or hear abusive behaviour are encouraged to text 0770 0151 894 to make our dedicated security team aware of what they have witnessed.’


Lawyers for Charles Bissue tells court to dismiss OSP’s incompetent motion

Lawyers for Charles Bissue tells court to dismiss OSP’s incompetent motion

Lawyers of former Secretary to the dissolved Inter-Ministerial Committee on Illegal Mining, Charles Cromwell Bissue, have described an application from the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) seeking to dismiss their suit as “grossly incompetent.”

While urging the Human Rights High Court presided over by Justice Nicholas Mensah Abodakpi to dismiss the OSP’s application, Lawyer Nana Agyei Baffour Awuah said, the OSP is using the back door to seek an outcome that the substantive suit will deal with.

Charles Bissue’s application is seeking an enforcement of his human rights against the OSP recent actions among other things declaring him wanted.

But, the OSP is challenging that request.

In Court on Monday, October 23, lead lawyer for Charles Bissue raised preliminary legal objection against the OSP’s notice filed on August 1, seeking to invoke the inherent jurisdiction of the court to dismiss summarily the application filed by his client on June 16.



Dam Spillage: Lack of centralized distribution of relief items worrying

Government has been urged to centralize the distribution of aid supplies to those affected by the Akosombo Dam Spillage by the member of parliament for Asuogyaman, Thomas Ampem Nyarko.

The Member of Parliament stated that a centralized approach for the distribution of relief items to the victims will help all affected areas.

“In the heat of this everybody is trying to help their people, so I am doing mine here, Okudzeto is doing his there, and I am sure the DCEs are also doing their part. If the government does not centralize things and coordinate you wouldn’t expect that my colleague Okudzeto will get some items and say this percentage should go to Asuogyaman when all his problems haven’t been solved.

Mr. Ampem Nyarko speaking on Starrchart said “Somebody higher will have to do that but that is not what we are seeing. We have been left to fight our fight and so that’s the result of what we are seeing now. Understandably, everybody will want to go where the problem is most serious. So you see everybody directing their support and efforts to the center of the problem

He went on to say that he was hoping for some help and that some people had agreed to bring him some supplies.

“So, on Tuesday, we’ll probably have that about 11 am, and we’ll get those out right away to people who need them.  Yes, we are starting to receive some assistance and attention as people start to realize that the issue is bigger than they initially imagined.



Ken Agyapong’s GHC 27.5 million Bribery allegation a bluff -NPP Chairman

The Constituency Chairman of Sagnarigu, Alhaji Musah Fuseini has challenged NPP flagbearer hopeful, Mr Kennedy Agyapong to back his GHC 27.5 million Bribery allegation with any significant prove of evidential value.

On Friday, October 20, when Mr. Kennedy Agyapong met with party delegates in the Sagnarigu Constituency in the Northern Region, he played a leading role in an unpresidential chaotic scene of furious accusations and counter-accusations.

In his speech to the Sagnarigu delegates, Mr. Agyapong made the same accusations he always makes: that during the Party’s most recent Super Delegates’ Conference, Constituency Chairmen received financial inducements of GHC 100,000 each to affect how they voted.

It will cost a cool GHC27,500,000 to bribe just one category of delegates by paying GHC100,000 to each of the 275 NPP constituency chairmen across the nation.

The Sagnarigu Constituency Chairman, Alhaji Musah Fuseini, also known as “Dagoma,” objected to Mr. Agyapong’s allegation last Friday and demanded to be given the microphone. He then pressed Mr. Agyapong to provide any substantial evidence of evidential value to support his claim.

Chairman Dagoma was direct, outspoken, and did not hold back: “The man (Kennedy Agyapong) is lying. He is telling lies. I serve as the constituency’s chairman. No one provided me GHC 100,000 so I could vote in the Super Delegates Conference. Someone who aspires to be the leader of this Party cannot tell me such lies, and I will not tolerate them.




Ghana blind union secretary explains why he stopped going to church

Charles Ofori Baidoo, the Ashanti Regional Secretary of the Ghana Blind Union (GBU), has shared a heart breaking story from 2013 that has caused him to stop attending church.

The visually handicapped guy claimed that people who occasionally claim to have a deep spiritual foundation in their Christian beliefs sometimes behave in stunning, incomprehensible ways in an interview on a Kumasi-based Ultimate Fm monitored by

Talking about his own ordeals, Mr. Ofori Baidoo recounts how his own colleague who he was studying with at Winneba in the Central Region abandoned him halfway while assisting him to a destination only to go join a prayer group on a football pitch.

“We go through a lot of bad situations, I can vividly recall, once a colleague of mine left me to take care of myself while moving with him across a field to my location. He was assisting me to my destination only to leave me halfway in order to join a group to pray. He just left me helpless, I had to question his Christianity and level of compassion”

That is not the only situation, I have stopped going to church because of an incident in my church in 2013. I was left only sitting in the church with no assistance with a church congregation of more than 1000 people, the church members just left me there for several hours without anybody helping me out”

“Just last week, we were at a church to have an advocacy and seek assistance for our union, a lady close by heard me speaking on the phone seeking assistance but this lady who was going to the same church with me, failed to assist me. She only retorted after knowing that I was visually impaired said, these are the people it was announced they were coming to church. When I got the opportunity in the church to speak, I talked about it and questioned the compassion of Christians these days”, he lamented.


Details how Level 400 UEW student killed his girlfriend

Rita Anane, 19, a final-year student at the University of Education in Winneba, was found dead in her room on October 3, 2023, less than 24 hours after arriving in Winneba.

Media reports claim Rita committed suicide, but her close friends think there was foreplay involved.

Our source revealed that Rita’s boyfriend visited her in her house twice before her passing. It was reveled that the neighbors heard a noise in her room that sounded like their usual quarrel they have been engaging. The boy left the room, returned, and they repeated their argument before leaving once more, according to the source.

Two hours later, the deceased boyfriend came back and started blowing alarm that the girl was dead. When questioned how he found out the lady was dead, he replied that he had sent a whatsapp message and received a blue tick, which prompted him to go see how the girl was doing.

The source said they have known the boy since level 100 and his lifestyle indicates he is capable of committing such murder. The boyfriend do not know forgiveness, he pretends to forgive and when the issue settles he pulls a knife to attack. The source alleged.

The deceased course mates in their writing said Rita was found facing her bed, contrary to typical hanging positions. “Her kneeling posture, combined with the length of the sponge, suggests she couldn’t have hanged herself”
“The weak attachment of the sponge to a single blade questions the feasibility of her murder” they said.

The whereabout of the boyfriend who allegedly killed Rita is not yet found.



UEW Student kills his 19 years old girlfriend; hangs her on a fan blade (Photo)

Final year ICT Education student of the the University of Education, Winneba has allegedly been killed by her boyfriend.

Rita Anane was found hanging on a fan blade kneeling on her bed dead less than 24 hours of returning to Winneba after a short visit home.

It has been reported in the media that Rita took her own life but her friends disagree with the report and think other wise.

” A day before her passing, she actively prepared for the month, purchasing food and toiletries, indicating a readiness to live.
She posted on WhatsApp about her availability for business the same evening, demonstrating no signs of suicidal intentions.”

Check image of her hanging below

Universities in Canada that award scholarships to foreign students

Most Africans and other foreign students depend on scholarships to further their education. Many universities in Canada offer scholarships to international students. Some of the well-known Canadian universities that provide scholarships to foreign students include:

Queen’s University

University of Toronto

University of British Columbia

McGill University

University of Alberta

University of Waterloo

McMaster University

Lakehead University

Dalhousie University

University of Ottawa

Simon Fraser University

Kindly note that scholarship opportunities, eligibility criteria, and application deadlines can vary between universities and programs, so it’s essential to check each university’s official website for the most up-to-date information on scholarships for international students. Additionally, Canadian government scholarships and external organizations may also provide funding opportunities for foreign students studying in Canada.