Debut book on Ghana’s second-highest office and Bawumia’s term ready for release

Political communication scholar and analyst, Dr. Etse Sikanku, is set to release a book examining the persona and contributions of Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to Ghana’s public and political space.

The book titled “Dr. Bawumia and the Modern Vice Presidency in Ghana” makes a pivotal contribution to drawing attention to the evolutionary status of the Vice Presidency and Dr. Bawumia’s significant role in contributing to the reinvention of the office.

Notably, this marks the first-ever dedicated exploration of the second-highest political office in Ghana and Dr. Bawumia’s tenure. Dr. Sikanku, known for his seminal work “The Afrocentric Obama and lessons on political campaigning,” applauds Dr. Bawumia for injecting dynamism, energy, humility, empathy, and innovation into a traditionally symbolic role.

The book challenges preconceived notions about the Vice Presidency, positioning Dr. Bawumia’s tenure as a catalyst for the office’s reinvention.

“Considering that the Vice presidency in many democracies has been one of limitation, tradition, and symbolism,” Sikanku asserts, “Dr. Bawumia’s activism, perspicacity, and dynamism as Vice President deserve to be documented.”

Scheduled for an early release next year, “Dr. Bawumia and the Modern Vice Presidency in Ghana” promises to serve as essential reading for the public and students of political science, government, communication, and leadership. Sikanku’s work draws out institutional, leadership, and communication lessons from Dr. Bawumia’s transformative role, making it a pivotal contribution to understanding the evolving status of the Vice Presidency in Ghana.

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