Russian casualties increase in Bakhmut

Ukrainian army brigades defending Bakhmut’s southern flank.


The soldiers have spent months facing both regular Russian army forces, and prisoners recruited by the Wagner private military group who have swarmed their trenches in droves. Troops say Russian casualties far outweigh theirs, but the enemy is deploying new techniques to try to seize the city and surrounding countryside.


Ukraine’s forces are outgunned and outnumbered, but on a  hillside to the south, there is the anti-tank group from the 3rd Separate Assault Brigade.


Neither the Russian nor Ukrainian armies release official casualty figures for Bakhmut, or elsewhere, but the mostly abandoned city has become a slaughter house.


Officially, Ukraine estimates that for every one of its soldiers killed, Russia loses seven. Earlier this week, Russia said it had killed more than 220 Ukrainian service members in a 24-hour period in the battle for Bakhmut. None of these numbers can be independently verified.

The men have been fighting for more than a year now, and they say the Russians are evolving.




source: BBC



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