Gas tanker drivers intensify strike, halt transport of all petroleum products

The Ghana National Tanker Drivers Association has escalated its ongoing strike to include drivers who transport all forms of petroleum products.

The strike which began on Monday saw drivers who transport mainly LPG abandoning their trucks in protest of their treatment by the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Limited and the National Petroleum Authority.

They have been unhappy with the continuous ban on LPG Stations under construction since 2017.

Some LPG marketing companies also shut down their stations in solidarity.

Following the government’s failure to address their concerns, the group says transportation of products such as Petrol, Diesel, aviation fuel, kerosene and petrol will be halted as well until their demands are met.

The Chairman of the association, George Nyaunu, said this escalation is necessary to stress their demands.

“We don’t want to take the country to ransom but with this indication… failing to address the issue, the white product drivers will also join,” he said.

The group was absent from a meeting with the National Petroleum Authority on Monday.



Source: citinewsroom

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