Psalm Adgeteyfio ask for leftovers as he goes back to begging

Veteraian Actor Psalm seem to have gone back to the days of begging after the Ghana’s Vice President Bawumia among others went to his aid not long ago.

In a recent audio, the popular taxi driver actor was heard begging for leftovers from Mzgee. According him, all his helpers have withdrawn their help after hearing the Vice President donated some amount to him making life difficult to live.

“ Mzgee Good afternoon, I’m wondering if you would hv some left overs in your kitchen to spare. Reason is people who use to help has all withdrawn from their help when they heard the vice President has given me the money but you will agree with me that such monies you have to invest it wisely and that is what I have done and it takes time before you can begin enjoying it”

He continued “Now I was so hopeful that what the Greater Accra Minister promised will be forthcoming regularly but it came once and that’s all. I was in his office few days ago as a follow up but I was told he has traveled and on leave. Right the situation has created a lot of problem for me. You know a lot of people use to help me a lot. I even understood that some people have contributed money for me in the US to be sent to me but the moment they heard it everybody went for his own. Also, in the letter that the Greater Accra Regional Minister sent to me. There was the mention of one Mac-Dan has given GHC 50,000 to me but is not true.

Listen to Full Audio Below;

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