The Kwaku Frimpong Story Told The BlackSherrif Way- A Must Read

A certain street transaction pulls through. Chairman hoards all the proceeds. So an irate Kwaku Frimpong and his gang, numbering about 12 besiege his home, and beckon him to show up.

Aunty Meri, his grandmother has no idea this is the life he is living in Accra — he keeps it all to himself. He admits it’s his choice and is aware of the consequences.

He knows his deeds are immoral. But he’s engaged for the survival; for money. He admits he’s lost his way.

Kwaku Frimpong is certainly inviting trouble!

He prays to his deceased sister, Mariama to seek God’s forgiveness on his behalf. Someday, in Jannah (paradise) Kwaku hopes to share stories of these city adventures with his sister.

A minute silence for Sister Mariama…

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Story Summary by Patrick Fynn

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